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Gabriel Hogan Wife Inga Cadranel, Kids, Net Worth

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Facts about Gabriel Hogan Wife Inga Cadranel, Kids, Net Worth

Gabriel Hogan was born and raised in a family immersed in the show business industry. As tradition depicts, escaping from a family’s work and history is hard to stray away from.

Expectedly, Gabriel followed in his parents’ footsteps, and it went well. Now, let’s talk more about Gabriel’s acting career progression. Also, read about his partner, Inga Cadranel, and their kids.

Gabriel Hogan as Heartland cast Peter Morris.

Gabriel Hogan made a name for himself in Canadian Television. His acting and characters are just something to be known for. One of the best shows in his acting career is in the Heartland, where he plays Peter Morris.

Peter Morris’ character starts at the bottom of the Bartlett-Fleming clan because of his position as an oil guy, which has a negative disposition to the family.

But eventually, the Bartlett-Fleming clan came to like Peter after getting warm with her wife, kids, and his in-laws.

Gabriel Hogan as Heartland cast Peter Morris
Gabriel Hogan plays the role of Peter Morris on Heartland

Gabriel Hogan’s Marriage with her wife, Inga Cadranel. Kids

So far, Gabriel Hogan’s life is pretty comfortable. He’s successful and phenomenal in what he does, and he has one big family that gives him the motivation he needs.

Gabriel is currently married to Inga Cadranel, a successful actor known in Canadian television. Unfortunately, when it comes to Gabriel and his wife, Inga’s love story, the information is kept a secret between the couple.

Gabriel Hogan with his Wife, Inga Cadranel
Gabriel Hogan with his Wife, Inga Cadranel

No specific details about the wedding, the date they met, nor how they met are revealed to the media. Regardless, we could all assume that they have been happily together ever since they met up until now, having a blessed marriage with their friends and families.

During their relationship and marriage, Gabriel and his partner Inga gave themselves a blessing for their lives; a child. They currently have one child as of this moment, whose name is Ryder Hogan.

His wife, Inga Cadranel Biography

Now, let’s talk about Gabriel Hogan’s other half; his wife, Inga Cadranel. Unlike most celebrity spouses, Inga has not kept most of her details in private.

Inga was born and raised on April 30, 1978, in Ontario, Canada. She’s 43 years old as of 2021.

Moreover, she came from a family of actors as well. Her mother is Maja Ardal, an Icelandic television actress in the 1900s. Her father is Jeff Braunstein, an Armenian actor known for shows such as Martin’s day, Jeff Ltd, and The Sins of Dorian Gray.

As for Inga’s career, much like her husband’s, Inga is also a star in Canadian television shows and films.

Gabriel’s wife was a regular cast member of the shows The Eleventh Hour, Jeff Ltd, and The Bridge in the early 2000s.

At the onset of 2014, Inga’s been in several television shows like The Strain, Orphan Black, and Lost Girl.

Up to this date, she’s been getting offers for different shows, both for recurring ones and one-time appearances.

There is no doubt that Gabriel’s spouse is living her life as a successful actress, which is evident in how much she is worth right now. Speaking of worth, Inga supposedly has an approximate net worth of $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.00.

Gabriel Hogan Wife, Inga Cadranel
Inga Cadranel

Gabriel Hogan Net Worth

Gabriel Hogan doesn’t fall short when it comes to net worth. Similar to his wife, Gabriel is an actor that’s well known and well paid in Canadian television shows.

His popularity and talent are also evident in his net worth, amounting to approximately $3,000,000.00.

We could all conclude that Gabriel and Inga are a strong couple with successful careers and a happy relationship with their child. And with the relationship they have, they proved mainstream media wrong; that celebrity relationships are doomed to fail.

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