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Graham Wardle Ex-Wife Allison Wardle, Children, Net Worth, Height

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Graham Wardle ex-wife Allison Wardle, Networth, Children

A famous saying goes – “There are no accidents.” This was the case for Graham Wardle’s story about becoming an actor; it’s pretty interesting.

But there’s more to what started Graham’s acting career. Why did he end the relationship with his former wife, Allison Wardle? Curious? Read the article to the end.

Graham Wardle was married to his Ex-wife, Allison Wardle, for three years.

We all love a love story once or twice in our lives. Unfortunately for Graham, his relationship was not a happy ending.

Graham Wardle married Allison in 2015, with only their friends and families invited for the ceremony. They decided upon the marriage after several years of courting each other. We couldn’t identify how they specifically met each other, but one thing is for sure; that they had a fun and healthy relationship during their dating stage.

It’s a bummer that Graham and Allison’s relationship didn’t last long as it should have. They were married for about three years, from 2015 to 2018, until finally deciding to have a mutual agreement for a divorce.

The decision and news did not explode into the public, commonly. Graham has lived a life under the radar of paparazzi and news writers until he created a Facebook Live Q&A session with his fans in early 2020.

Graham Wardle and his ex-wife, Allison Wardle
Graham Wardle and his ex-wife, Allison Wardle

One fan asked the question about his current relationship with Allision, and there, Graham was honest throughout in explaining that they separated ways in 2018.

Concerning Graham and Allision’s lives and privacy, he didn’t post it on social media until 2020.

Fortunately, Graham reflected upon himself and moved on from the divorce. He had much-needed time to plan for his future, start his new podcast series, and pick up reading as a hobby.

Graham Wardle and Allison Wardle’s Wedding

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see a glimpse of Graham and Allison’s wedding in 2015. They did it as a private ceremony with only friends and families as guests.

We could all assume that it was the day Graham cried right in front of Allison on the altar.

Graham Wardle Ex-Wife, Allison Wardle Biography

Not much is known about Allison Wardle. She lives a very private life and has been only known for being the wife of Graham Wardle, the main cast of Heartland. Still, we haven’t found any info or details to invalidate the description due to lack of access to information.

Even Allison’s parents, siblings, education, early childhood, and career are hidden from the public eye. Surprisingly enough, Allison doesn’t have any active social media accounts under her name.

Image of Graham Wardle and his ex-wife, Allison Wardle
Allison Wardle

Moreover, her birth date and place are unknown and hidden from the public, but we know Allison was born and raised by her parents in America.

Allison stands very short, at about 5’8, while Graham stands about an average height of 5’11.

She has a fair complexion with beautiful brown hair and hazelnut-colored eyes. She has a contagious smile and a bright smile that speaks a lot about her personality.

As for her career, she dabbled into photography; further explained by Graham that she has a keen eye and a gift for photography’. We could not deduce any further on whether or not her job is photography.

Do Graham Wardle and Allison Wardle have kids?

During 2015 and 2018, Graham and Allison were happy and strong. But not once did they plan to have children. Graham and Allison didn’t have a single child in their relationship.

Net Worth

Both Graham and Allison have put their passion and everything in their respective fields; Graham with acting and Allison with photography.

However, we could not get ahold of Allison’s net worth as her career is nowhere to be found in our sources. But, we have Graham’s net worth of a mere $3,000,000.00. Graham’s net worth mainly comes from his acting gigs, commercials, and even ads he’s been recruited for.


Allison’s height is about short, standing at the height of approximately 5 feet and 8 inches, while Graham stands about 5 feet and 11 inches and weighs 72kgs.

There is no other information about Allison’s body measurements and statistics.


A divorce is something heavy and hard to overcome in someone’s life. We know Graham and Allison had this feeling as well. Eventually, they went their separate ways and focused on moving on and finding new things in their lives.

Graham found new hobbies and things to do while being on lockdown. In the end, they might have ended things on a bitter note, but we hope each of them finds their true love and happiness in the future.

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