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Greta Onieogou Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Wiki.

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Greta Onieogou Age, Parents, Boyfriend, and Age

Born with a unique background and culture, Greta Onieogou is formerly a gymnast and a full-time actress in television and films. So far? Well, it’s been an incredible journey for Greta.

If you’re curious about Greta’s acting journey and her dating life, read the article to the end.

Greta Onieogou as Soraya Duval on Heartland

One of Greta’s best performances in television is her role as Soraya Duval in the hit CBC series Heartland.

Soraya’s character was well developed. She’s friendly, compassionate, and loyal to her friends-especially Amy. Soroya is always there for Amy when she needs her.

Soraya Duval from Heartland runs her mom’s diner, Maggie’s Diner, the central spot for almost everything; horse feed, clothes, dates, a snack, and even gossip. Being best friends with Amy, she is eventually caught up with their responsibilities at the ranch. And later on, she was assigned by Lou to run the Heartland ranch.

Greta Onieogou as Soraya Duval on Heartland

Greta Onieogou on Heartland as Soraya Duval

However, a little later on the road, Soraya moved out to London for good to be with her long-time boyfriend, Dillon. But she did return to Amy’s wedding in season 8 simply because she wouldn’t miss her best friend’s marriage.

Greta only stayed with the Heartland cast for eight seasons, but she was not present in all of it. Greta’s leave from Heartland is still a mystery up to this day. Still, we can all assume that her character already received the happy ending she needed, which led to Greta looking for other exciting and new opportunities for acting.

Greta Onieogou Boyfriend

Everybody loves a good love story, especially if it’s working out. Unfortunately, Greta hasn’t shared her love story yet.

Greta Onieogou keeps most of her private details to herself, preventing them from spilling into the public eye. This primarily relates to her relationship status.

As far as we know, Greta is currently single and is not dating any boyfriend in our records. But due to privacy matters, we are not sure if Greta is dating her boyfriend privately. Only time will tell.


Greta Onieogou came from a unique background. She was born in Russia, with her parents being Nigerian and Russian. When Greta was five, she joined her family in Canada to live a new life.

Unfortunately, the name of her parents is unknown to us to this day. Her siblings’ background as well is hidden from our sources.

We can assume that Greta had a great time growing up, reflecting on her career and portrayals of different characters.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Greta’s ethnicity and nationality are something to be proud of. She came of Nigerian-Russian descent, which makes her the same as well.

As for her Nationality, she is proud of her Russian nationality. She speaks fluently both in Russian and English.


Greta Onieogou was born in Russia on March 14, 1991. She’s 30 years of age as of December 2021.

Greta Onieogou Wiki: Movies & Tv Shows

Not much is known about Greta’s early childhood and background. We cannot find any information about her education and siblings. We know that she was already looking forward to being an actress at an early age.

Greta started her first role in 2005 in a film called Fever Pitch. Although she had a minor role in the film as Tammy, the first step of her acting career eventually got her into more opportunities.

In 2006, her career started to blossom. She got more minor roles in shows like Degrassi: The Next Generation and, Naturally, Sadie. Greta’s inclusion in Degrassi further helped her career reach a certain level because of the show’s popularity with ordinary folks.

But between 2006 and 2009, she had minor gaps in her career, only appearing once or twice in television shows like Overruled!, Moe, and Victoria Day! But soon after that, Greta started reappearing in projects.

Eventually, Greta got the most significant break from her career in Heartlands. She was with the show for eight seasons in total as Soraya Duval, the loyal best friend of Amy Fleming.

Image of a gymnast and a full-time actress, Greta Onieougou

A gymnast and a full-time actress, Greta Onieougou

As mentioned, her reason for leaving the show is unknown, but it’s assumed that she found other acting opportunities for her career. The best part, however, is that Greta left her character with a happy ending.

After her stint with Heartland, she got even more roles for television shows. These shows included Schitt’s Creek, Undercover Grampa, Frankie Drake Mysteries, and more! Greta was found again in another role as Layla Keating in the all-American show, All American. Her role had a heavy story of having her mother killed in a car accident.

With a young heart and talent in acting, Greta Onieogou’s career as an actress progressively grew. It would not be a surprise if she is recognized as one of the best actresses in the 21st century. We are yet to see more of her potential in television and films.

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