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Jessica Amlee Husband, Age, Weight Loss, Net worth, Movies, TV shows.

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Facts about Jessica Amlee Husband, age, weight loss, networth

Jessica Amlee is a talented actress who grew up in the Heartland set. Her role as Mallory Wells gave Heartland fans a breather from the show’s seriousness.

Her character brings a comedic relief to the show. But there is definitely more to Jessica Amlee than what meets the eye. Get to know this beautiful and skilled entertainment and film personality by reading this article.

Jessica Amlee as Heartland cast Mallory Wells

Jessica Amlee played Mallory Wells in the Canadian family drama Heartland. Mallory Wells starts off the first season as a young woman who lives on a ranch next to Heartland. Wells is close to both her mom and dad. That is why she treats the Bartlett-Fleming family as her own.

Mallory is portrayed as a chatty girl and always wants to get involved with the Bartlett-Fleming family. In addition to that, she gets upset when the Bartlett-Fleming family does not invite her for dinner.

She does what she can to join and goes as far as standing outside the window. After seeing her shivering outside, Lou Fleming, Jack Bartlett’s granddaughter, invites Lou inside their house.

Jessica Amlee as Heartland cast Mallory Wells
Jessica Amlee plays the role of Mallory Wells on Heartland

Mallory is also constantly trying to get in between Amy Fleming and Ty Borden’s relationship. Moreover, Mallory can also be a bit manipulative. In season 2, episode 1, Mallory’s parents try to send her to a summer camp. Because of this, Mallory begs Jack Bartlett to let her stay in Heartland.

When Jack seems indecisive, Mallory heads on to blackmail Lou. Wells tells Lou that she will ruin Amy Fleming’s surprise party unless Lou persuades Jack to let her stay. Jack later agrees, and Mallory moves to the Heartland ranch.

Heartland fans describe Mallory Wells as immature because of her little stunts in the show. In one episode, Mallory tells Jack that she is experiencing homesickness and doesn’t have a family. Her homesickness and longing justify her actions on the show.

Is Jessica Amlee married to her Husband? (In real life)

Reports reveal that Jessica Amlee is not married yet. However, the 27 years old Canadian actress has been in a relationship with her boyfriend. Amlee is currently dating Australian actor David Jones-Roberts.

Jessica Amlee with her boyfriend, David Jones Roberts
Jessica Amlee with her boyfriend, David Jones Roberts

Jessica Amlee’s Husband in Heartland

Mallory marries Jake Anderson, who is played by Jake Church, in the 10th season of Heartland.

Jake Anderson has a little crush on Mallory and has been trying to get her attention since the show’s first season.

Jessica Amlee with her onscreen boyfriend, Jake
Mallory Wells and Jake Anderson

Jessica Amlee Age

On July 17, 1994, Jessica Amlee was born. This makes the actress 27 years old as of December 2021.

Weight loss

Jessica reprised her role as Mallory in the 10th season of Heartland for a two-part episode. Viewers are quick to point out her weight loss. Although, there are no detailed reports on her health and lifestyle.

Net Worth

As of 2019, Jessica Amlee’s net worth estimate is a stunning $15 Million. Amlee has been acting since she was five years old and has participated in countless different TV Films and Series.

Movies and TV shows

Jessica Amlee starred in various films and TV Series. Her most prominent role is Mallory Wells in Heartland. In addition, Amlee also starred as the main character in the movie Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story. Jessica plays Hannah Anderson in the film.

Moreover, Jessica participated in the 2005 Barbie movie Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus 3-D. She voiced the character Blush in the animated film.

Another series that Jessica Amlee participated in was Greenhouse Academy in 2017. Jessica Amlee plays the role of Jackie Sanders until the 27th episode. Greenhouse Academy is a show on Netflix that follows the story of two siblings, Hayley and Alex Woods. The siblings navigate their way through an elite boarding school, discovering many things in the process.

This outstanding actress still shares her passion for her craft until this day. Furthermore, Jessica proves her versatility as a young actress by exploring broader horizons in her acting career.

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